The District of Columbia

Snow Response Reporting System

Find a DC location using a method shown below. Select the matching location from the list to show DDOT snow AVL status. If no location is found, please try entering another one.

Location Types
Street Address
Street Address
STREET ADDRESS: An address consists of a street number, a street name, and a quadrant (NE, NW, SE, SW). The address number and street name are required. Every address in the MAR as also been assigned an AID# (Address Identification Number) which can be used to retrieve additional data about that address.

Example: 441 4th ST NW
INTERSECTION: An Intersection consists of two streets

Example: 14th ST NW and Pennsylvania Avenue NW, or 14th ST NW & Pennsylvania Avenue NW
BLOCK: A block consists of a street and any other cross streets.

Example:  4th ST NW from D Street NW to E Street NW or 400 Block of 4th St NW

Place Name
PLACE NAME: A place name consists of common place names and public/institutional building names.

Example:  "White House" or "Dupont Circle" or "Wilson Building"
or "Wilson High School" or "Woodrow Wilson House"


The District Snow Response Reporting System may not report all the snowplow tracks of vehicles that are working at clearing the streets of Washington DC. This is because many vehicles that are used to clear the streets are contracted vehicles or vehicles rented to supplement the municipal fleet. Contracted and rented vehicles do not report in the Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) system.